We specially want to thank you for your interest to join the Nigerian Association for Energy Economics (NAEE).

Benefits to members are so numerous and unlimited. 

The Nigerian Association for Energy Economics (NAEE) is a nationwide non-profit organization that advances the understanding and application of economics across all facets of energy development and use, and is an affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE). 

It is presently the largest assemblage of Professionals such as Lawyers, Engineers, Economists, Scientists, and other professionals working or interested in the broad area of Energy Economics in Nigeria. The IAEE has a presence in over 100 countries, and the NAEE is the first affiliate of IAEE in Africa. It is a very vibrant association which continues to play an active role in stimulating positive growth patterns in Nigeria's energy industry.


Becoming a member of the NAEE/IAEE will integrate you to wide range of resources of both the IAEE and NAEE which includes:

  • Receiving periodic issues of the Energy Journal as well as Economics of Energy & Environmental policy.
  • Participating in Energy forums.
  • Access to online worldwide membership directory and online conference proceedings
  • IAEE Energy blog
  • Keeping members informed of conferences and events within the energy industry.
  • Working paper series
  • Placement service
  • Student Programs
  • Member Publication Listing
  • IAEE Merchandise
  • IAEE Membership Directory
  • Free downloading of materials on NAEE website
  • NAEE Membership and Directory
  • Receiving Nigerian Energy Newsletter etc.

In a brief summary, you get the benefits below and lots more.

Professional Identification

  • Membership within the country’s leading association of energy economics professionals.
  • Access to annual conferences at discounted fees
  • Speaking and presiding opportunities
  • Company mentioning on every NAEE official publications and website

Journals & Newsletters

  • The Energy Journal
  • The Energy Forum
  • NAEE Conference Proceedings

Networking with Oil, gas and Energy Professionals

  • Interaction with other Energy Economists in the Nigeria and abroad,
  • through social networking site Skype and Facebook.
  • Online International Membership Directory


Energy Career Opportunities

  • Post and scan resumes
  • Post and scan job openings

Student Programs

  • Best Paper awards
  • Conference registration scholarships

.... and so many...

To become a member of this great Energy Association, kindly read more about our membership information