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The core activity of the Association will be its Annual Conference. The theme of the inaugural conference was "Developing and supporting critical Energy Infrastructure: Challenges, Constraint and Prospects in Nigeria for Vision 2020", which took place at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja between 28th and 29th of April, 2008. Every year, the NAEE organizes a major conference/seminar which attracts a wide variety of local and international participants. Presentations by local and International Organizations / Individuals on topical issues relating to the Energy Economics as it relates to our contemporary Society are brought forward and discussed. NAEE Conferences has been a place of knowledge sharing, learning, networking, research, updating and becoming well informed in the energy sector of the economy.

The annual conference will provide a regular forum for intellectual discourse on core national issues. They will also facilitate policy makers, industry experts, academics and other stakeholders, as well as proffer key recommendations to support the country's Economics growth process for the considerations of policy makers and political leaders.
NAEE conferences which has been an annual event has always been so remarkable and has always left a blue print in the lives of participants. to view the themes of our past-conferences/upcoming-conferences/conference-presentations. Click here

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